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Many people have expressed curiosity: “What happened to Alfonso’s?”

In short, we are the old Alfonso’s that College Park has been frequenting for many years. We didn’t go anywhere. We just remodeled and eventually started using our new name, Ragazzi’s.

Since many of our customers still refer to our restaurant by our old name, Alfonso’s, we thought we’d elaborate a little more. Our restaurant operated as Alfonso’s Pizza and More for over 14 years. We bought Alfonso’s in 2007.  In 2010 we finished a long overdue remodeling of our restaurant and sometime in 2011 we started using our new name Ragazzi’s.

We are not related to any other restaurant in Orlando. We are the Alfonso’s that College Park knew for over 14 years. We never went anywhere. We’ve been here all along. We just remodeled and changed our name to Ragazzi’s. We are the new and improved Alfonso’s 🙂 Actually, this spot has been a pizzeria and restaurant for over 40 years under different owners and names.

Ever since we bought this business in 2007, we have worked very hard to stabilize the quality of service and of the product we sell. We aim to offer only the best a small family owned pizzeria and Italian restaurant like ours can offer. Our regulars know well that we use the best and freshest ingredients available on the market. It costs us quite a bit more to operate a business in this manner, without cutting corners and without compromising quality. This is the promise that we have made to ourselves and to our customers from day one and it is a promise that we will not break.  It is becoming tougher and tougher for small family owned restaurants to survive in today’s economy which is dominated by powerful chains. If the day comes when we have to sacrifice the quality of our ingredients and products in order to survive, we would rather close the doors.

Well, there you have it. We are the old Alfonso’s. We’ve been here all along. We never went anywhere. We are a family owned restaurant. We are two brothers, we are Ragazzi’s, which in Italian means the guys as in “The Pizza Guys”.

We hope you’ll continue to know us as your neighborhood pizza place, a restaurant for the whole family.


–The Pizza Guys.

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